Ouzo Power: The Band

Ouzo Power is a rousing, one-of-a-kind, bouzouki-dominated rock band that reinvents and invigorates traditional Greek blues, blazing a trail through heavy metal and reggae to love songs and reinterpreted Bob Dylan.

The Greek blues, unlike the American rural based blues, were an urban music with roots reaching back to Ottoman cafe music, a synthesis of European music, Orthodox ecclesiastical chant and traditional Anatolian dance rhythms.

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Ouzo Power: Ouzo Power Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

Ouzo Power
Greatest Hits
(Volume 1)

Sample tracks from the CD:


      Pou Sou Manga

      To Paploma

The Music

Rebetika is the Greek form of the blues.  The blues, in any language, is a bitter sweet musical genre, born of pain and sorrow and of strong emotion.  It’s cathartic and visceral. And it’s powerful.

The American blues are rooted in African vocal spirituals and chants, merging with the field hollers of poor black labourers toiling in the southern plantations at about the time slavery was abolished. These early blues were not a much respected art form then, but are now loved the world over.

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