Where‘s the music! Where‘s the beef!

The show is almost here but logistics takes up all the prep time  !

Where’s the music!  Where’s the beef!

I’m George…  an outrageous eccentric artist!  They call me Chairman George because of my quirky musical quest in China.

Yeah… I’ve been called everything from a musical “ambassadeur du monde” to a “troubadour savant”.

I bring people together – the world over, through music – and in any language.

I perform rock infused Greek folks songs as well as traditional ballads in a dozen languages.

And I compose original songs in Mandarin.   Even magic…  abracadabra… yes real magic.

The Greek Rebetika is important to me cuz it has attitude… and integrity… and because it’s a subversive music of protest and of raw human emotion, a music of the despised and repressed Greek underclass or Rebetes, refugees fleeing the Greco-Turkish war of the early 1900’s.

And because it meshes intricate bouzouki chops which I play as I sing in a Greek drawl using the vocal trills characteristic of Anatolian Greek music, and this I love.

On Saturday February 5th my world music band Ouzo Power, along with Ross Murray, Fred Guignion and Stuart Watkins (the talented Joe Hincke to sit in for Stuart) will be rocking the house at the National Arts Centre’s Fourth Stage in Ottawa, Canada with a concert celebrating the launch of our new CD,  Ouzo Power’s Greatest Hits Vol. 1.

We will perform a musical fusion of our about-to-be-launched CD that reinterprets and rejuvenates the original character of the Greek blues, combining Greek bouzouki and lyrics enhanced with a rock groove of electric guitar, bass and drums.

Tickets, yes tickets… can be had at the NAC box office or calling ticketmaster, see the Ouzo Power News page for details!

Gotta practice!   Thanks to my crack team of volunteers: Audrey, Natasha, Chris, Marina and Danielle we just might pull this off.

See ya Feb 5 !